Chicken Biryani

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  • 2018-07-04

Chicken Biryani

Biryani is also known as Biriyani, Briyani, Birani or Biriani. It is a South Asian Rice dish, usually made with Chicken, mutton or veggies. It is very popular along with the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent, but also popular among the other communities of India, Pakistan and the other countries of the world.

At our Restaurant, Biryani is prepared with very best quality Basmati Rice and Fine quality Halal Chicken, Mutton and Vegetables. Our Chicken Biryani is very famous in the city as we prefer to cook it in a very ethnic way. We use freshly grounded spices and excellent quality of whole spices for our Biryani. Also the chicken is cooked in a very traditional way and then mixed with rice to prepare Biryani.

The aroma of Biryani, makes you to indulge the flavours of India. We prepare our food in a very clean and hygienic environment to meet the health and safety standards. We use 100% halal ingredients, as we respect the religious beliefs of the Muslim Communities living in the city.You can enjoy it with our special Raita and make it the part of your get togethers, dinner dates or the other parties at a very affordable price.

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