Mango Ice Cream

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  • 2018-07-06

Mango Ice Cream

Mango Ice Cream is the speciality of Taj Cafe & Restaurant,Calgary prepared from the fresh ingredients. You must have tried so many ice creams at different places. But at Taj Café & Restaurant, we prepare it specially in the Indian way. The milk is thickened in the Indian way and then the flavours, mango pulp and sugar is added to it. We usually prepare it without nuts, so that the nut allergic people also can consume it.

We also present our special Mango Ice Cream in our daily lunch buffet also, as dessert. So you can enjoy it in our Lunch Buffet also at a very affordable cost. We prepare all our dishes in a very hygienic way and in a very hygienic environment to meet health and safety standards.

Taj Cafe & Restaurant is making all the efforts, to present the ethnic flavours on your table. We also care for the other religious communities also, so we use 100% halal ingredients in all our dishes and keep it so much affordable so that everyone can enjoy it in budget.

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