Veg Pakora

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  • 2018-07-07

Veg Pakora

Taj Cafe & Restaurant, Calgary presents the delicious Indian Veg Pakora in both Buffet and Ala Carte menu. Veg pakora is a delicious recipe from the Punjabi Cuisine proudly served in our restaurant, prepared in ethnic Indian style.

We prepare our Veg Pakoras with fresh ingredients like onion, potatoes, spinach and gram flour. Then we deep fry them using best quality oil and serve them with Tamarind Chutney and Mint Chutney.

We prefer to prepare in a very hygienic style to meet the health and safety standards. That’s why our food is always freshly prepared for each and every customer to maintain our quality standards. We present our food on the table with a very nice and presentable way.

Our food is prepared by caring the religious and emotional point of views for all our customers. We use Halal ingredients to make it consumable for our Muslim communities also. We love to make our food consumable for all communities residing in Calgary.

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